5 Common File Formats You Will Find in a Free Logo Maker Software

//5 Common File Formats You Will Find in a Free Logo Maker Software

5 Common File Formats You Will Find in a Free Logo Maker Software

You’ve taken the time to research the best free logo maker generator. You’ve used it to design a beautiful logo. But when the time comes to download the logo file, you are asked to choose a file format. If this has ever happened to you, stay put because we are going to discuss the common logo file formats out there to enable you to download quality logos. Let’s drive in:

PDF files are common with free logo download software

When the word PDF is mentioned, an image of a text document pops to mind. This document format was created by Adobe systems to enable readers to view complex graphics easier on different devices. There are two ways you can save your PDF file: view-only and editable file. It’s a good idea to keep an editable version of the PDF file. This lets you create your logo in different sizes and colors. It also lets you modify your logo design.

Most free logo maker software incorporate PNG files

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. They are designed to make it easy to view images on the screen. You can find a PNG with a transparent or solid background. A transparent background lets you put your logo on top of other graphics, allowing you also to see images below it. PNG files are adapted to social media banners, websites, web documents, thumbnails, and email signatures. The remarkable thing about PNG files is that they provide top-quality images, as well as full detail.

JPG/JPEG are common in most free logo maker software

JPG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. The format offers lower-quality images than PNG files. They are characteristically lossy and have more pixilation compared to when they are compressed or enlarged. But even with these cons, JPG files are still useful. You can even use PNG file interchangeably with JPG.

The irony is that they are the most common file types since they are pretty easy to code, compress, and store.

You’re likely to see AL files when you use a logo maker generator

Adobe systems boast of creating AL files. They come with almost all the same benefits of PDF files. However, they can only function when the illustrator is compatible.


It’s crucial that you select the right file format so that even when you expand it or contract your logo when implementing it on websites, banners, business cards and more, it doesn’t lose its quality. If you solicit the services of a professional logo designer, you’re likely to receive your logo in AI file format.

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